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Monday, April 11, 2005

The adventure of the big red cow

After putting up my new swing and putting off the landlord, I paused to sit in the new swing and admire the daffodils I planted that finally bloomed. I got up to wander over and sniff the flowers when I noticed that a big red cow was perilous close to being hit by a car. She was placidly munching grass on the side of the road one foot on the shoulder of the highway. I assumed that she belonged to the farmer across the road so I hopped into the truck drove up there. At first he didn't see me. He was mowing the yard. After a few "Hey!" and waving from me he pulled up and reluctantly cut off the mower. "Yea?"
"I think you've got a cow out."
"I don't have any cows."
"Well, do you know who she belongs too? She's about to get run over."
"Maybe Pat, I'll get my wife to call him, um.. thank you." I was dismissed with the return of the lawn mower motor.
When I got home I wondered, what would have happened if I hadn't done anything? The cow might have wandered off to safety, but then again if someone had hit her, not only would it have killed the cow it might well have killed the driver. I guess his wife did call Pat, because I saw a man in a farm truck driving slow and scanning the side of the road, I hope he found her and mended that fence because the last thing I want to see coming home at night from the Pub is a big red cow.


  • My husband and a co-worker (telephone repairmen) were once working in a rural area, and also found a wandering cow. They'd left the customer's gate open while working on the lines, so felt obligated to round it up.
    After two hours they'd got it back onto the property and shut the gate.
    Just then the customer drives up and screams "I don't have a g** d*** cow!!!"
    Luckily the owner came up just then and took care of things... and it probably didn't take two hours either.

    By Blogger SierraBella, at 1:38 PM  

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