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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What I Truly Hate

I can't stand pressure of any kind. I shop for cars at night. I went to the local Rent-a-Center to look at washers. The guy at the store almost had me convinced that it would be a good idea to pay nearly $14.00 a week for a washing machine, but I said "Let me think about it some more." at which he said "Alright."
Suddenly from the back of the store comes this asshole in a suit.
"What's to think about?" He proceeded to work on me from every angle. I felt trapped. The blood rushed to my face. Suddenly I was pissed, he was perilous close to a dog-cussin'. The other sales people had quietly dismissed themselves. The scenario couldn't have lasted more than 15 minutes, but it took hours off of my life. I finally just left because I didn't feel like I could take much more.
After I left the store in a huff, I started analyzing my reaction. Am I too sensitive? Why the hell am I so mad?

It's the pressure can't take the pressure.


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