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Monday, March 07, 2005

My First Day

It's my first day so don't be too hard on me, ok? An introduction is in order I suppose so here it is. I live in W Kentucky. Am a college grad (took me 9 freakin years) with a BFA in visual art. So with that Bachelors degree what have I done? I work in a factory in the qc lab and draw cartoons for the local paper. I guess you could say that is $20,000 down the drain. But I'd have to say that life ain't so bad. It could be better, but I'm a long way from the gutter. The beer is good and the friends are better.


  • Welcome, I just stumble upon your msg on this, your first day. What luck. It took me two months after my first post to post my second (today haha) but hope you enjoy! I am also part of the "wasted money on School" Club. You should consider posting some of your work in the future possibly. Take care, keep the friends and Beer near.

    By Blogger The cute one, at 2:06 PM  

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