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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Moving quickly now!

Forgive misspellings and what not. Am at work gotta hurry scurry. Don't want to get caught red-handed.

You know what is irking me right now? Short mouse cords, feels like a short leash. It keeps getting wrapped around the edge of the keyboard and it's driving me nuts. Now I know how dogs feel when they get wrapped around a tree.

Well the avacado colored washing machine that I hauled around in the back of my truck all last week is too old to fix, so I have to wash at the laundry-mat and take them home to be dried.
You know...I do need to wash my truck, so what I could do is throw all the laundry in the back and go thru the carwash. Brilliant!!
I better forgo the wax though.

This has to be my favorite time of day 15 min. till I am free once more. Well actually I think that everyone has forgotten that I'm even here so I guess I can relax. AAhhhhhh.

Song of the day:
where oh where are you tonite?
why did you leave me here all alone?
i searched the world over, thought i found true love
you met another and ppppbbbbbt you were gone!



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