Eli-Mae's notes

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On lockdown

Still here. Someone ganked my card that had all of my passwords on it. I know, stupid to write it all down in the first place. It lived under the mouse pad for years. I come in today and it is missing. Purloined, kidnapped, stolen, ganked, a hostile hostage. I spent some time changing everything. I still feel a sense of impending doom. Doom has been haunting my footsteps for days. Lurking in the hall. Hiding behind the alarm clock. Circling like a buzzard. I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. I think I might just be paranoid, but you have to be that way when you swim with sharks.

Friday, March 18, 2005

yay for st patty's day

Dude get me outta here!
I tried to clock out an hour early yesterday. I really did think that it was 4pm. It was only 3. Damn, guess I'll go back to work. My friends are still laughing at me. The irony is that I ended up having to stay over 30min. HAHAHAHA. Jokes on me, as usual.

Last night I didn't take no for an answer. If you gonna hang with me your ass better at least try to have some fun. I swear some people are just deadbeats.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Village People at the Pub

Last night I was at the pub with the Drunk Mailman, the School Principal, and the (college) Campus Cop. Campus Cop likes to get me going by baiting me with comments that are guaranteed to piss me off. The Drunk Mailman is a pool shark, and it drives him nuts when me and Campus Cop argue. The School Principal is a quite man who is quiet content to sit by and chuckle into his beer mug. I stayed till nearly midnight. I had a good time and today I feel fine.
I didn't call Doll Eyes.

Monday, March 14, 2005

All hail the butch queen of the universe

I went to help a friend of mine build a deck Saturday. Nothing says butch like a woman running a circular saw and swinging a hammer.
We went and got the lumber.
We dug the post holes.
We framed the deck.
J. nailed on the floor, cause I pussed out. She also had to run the saw, cause I was skeered of it.
We did all of this without any male intervention. Of course we might have screwed something up on the way, but we are still pretty damn awesome.

Just goes to show that you don't really know what you are capable of until you get started.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Bar bathroom wall lit.

Some things I saw on the bathroom wall.

Call _____ for a good time, or a lousy buck. (maybe that was fuck?)

Potential was here. (potential for what?)

_____sucks dicks.

______and ______ was here.

So and so loves so and so and so on. It's even scarier when you can recognize the handwriting, and even funnier when you know the names.

I wish that whoever Potential was would have left her number.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Note to self

Please try to do something constructive today. Chugging multiple beers does not count. Neither do most of the bone-idle activities that you pursue. Back to work with you. HEY! Are you paying attention? Back to work!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What I Truly Hate

I can't stand pressure of any kind. I shop for cars at night. I went to the local Rent-a-Center to look at washers. The guy at the store almost had me convinced that it would be a good idea to pay nearly $14.00 a week for a washing machine, but I said "Let me think about it some more." at which he said "Alright."
Suddenly from the back of the store comes this asshole in a suit.
"What's to think about?" He proceeded to work on me from every angle. I felt trapped. The blood rushed to my face. Suddenly I was pissed, he was perilous close to a dog-cussin'. The other sales people had quietly dismissed themselves. The scenario couldn't have lasted more than 15 minutes, but it took hours off of my life. I finally just left because I didn't feel like I could take much more.
After I left the store in a huff, I started analyzing my reaction. Am I too sensitive? Why the hell am I so mad?

It's the pressure can't take the pressure.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Moving quickly now!

Forgive misspellings and what not. Am at work gotta hurry scurry. Don't want to get caught red-handed.

You know what is irking me right now? Short mouse cords, feels like a short leash. It keeps getting wrapped around the edge of the keyboard and it's driving me nuts. Now I know how dogs feel when they get wrapped around a tree.

Well the avacado colored washing machine that I hauled around in the back of my truck all last week is too old to fix, so I have to wash at the laundry-mat and take them home to be dried.
You know...I do need to wash my truck, so what I could do is throw all the laundry in the back and go thru the carwash. Brilliant!!
I better forgo the wax though.

This has to be my favorite time of day 15 min. till I am free once more. Well actually I think that everyone has forgotten that I'm even here so I guess I can relax. AAhhhhhh.

Song of the day:
where oh where are you tonite?
why did you leave me here all alone?
i searched the world over, thought i found true love
you met another and ppppbbbbbt you were gone!


Monday, March 07, 2005

My First Day

It's my first day so don't be too hard on me, ok? An introduction is in order I suppose so here it is. I live in W Kentucky. Am a college grad (took me 9 freakin years) with a BFA in visual art. So with that Bachelors degree what have I done? I work in a factory in the qc lab and draw cartoons for the local paper. I guess you could say that is $20,000 down the drain. But I'd have to say that life ain't so bad. It could be better, but I'm a long way from the gutter. The beer is good and the friends are better.